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BSidesICE 2014

BSides Iceland 2014



So ! Finally we have a page up, Sorry for the delay but we assure you BSIDES ICELAND 2014 is happening !

Follow us on Twitter @BSidesIceland


Event Details:


When: November 6 ,2014

Where: Tjarnarbíó - Reykjavík, Iceland

How to get there: Directions



 Thursday, November 6th, 13:00



Free of course and everyone is welcome.


Registration Is Open: Register here



For further information please contact ice<at>bsidesiceland<dot>is



Keynote: Dave Chronister - Parameter Security

Johnny Xmas

Elvar Bjarki Böðvarsson - Valitor

Johan Ekström, IBM Security Systems

Snæbjörn Ingi Ingólfsson - Nyherji


Organiser: Arnar S. Gunnarsson / @addisgu




13:00-13:10     - Gunnar Zoëga - CEO of Solutions and Services at Nyherji          - Introduction 

13:10-13:50     - Dave Chronister - Parameter Security                                          - Keynote: Give me your data! Obtaining sensitive data without breaking in

13:50-14:10     - Elvar Bjarki Böðvarsson - Valitor                                                   - ELK - Elastisearch, Logstash, Kibana

14:10-14:20     - Coffee brake

14:20-14:50     - Johan Ekström - IBM Security Systems                                        - Security trends / threats and what IBM does from a strategic standpoint to meet and remediate new threats

14:50-15:10     - Snæbjörn Ingi Ingólfsson - Nyherji                                              - Social Hacking Trends

15:10-15:20     - Light Brake

15:20-15:50     - Johnny Xmas                                                                                - Attack Paths: Landing your First InfoSec Job

15:50               - End of Conference



We have training also!

Through our great sponsors Nyherji and Parameter Security

We are able to offer half-a-day training on 'Hacking with BackTrack' - Limited seating

Sign-Up through Nyherji here




Nýherji - Iceland

We want to thank our sponsor Nýherji for making this possible,

They have provided everything to make this possible for out first year.



Parameter Security 

We want to thank Parameter Security for their sponsorship and support in making this event a reality.


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