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Thank you to everyone that made Security BSides Delaware 2011 so awesome! 


For this year's conference info go here: http://bit.ly/BSidesDE

Event details


BSidesDelaware2010 was so much fun we're doing it again! 


Not sure what to expect? Watch last year's talks here:

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/security-bsides-delaware-track-1  <- 2011 talks streaming as well

http://www.ustream.tv/channel/security-bsides-delaware-track2 <- 2011 talks streaming as well



When: Friday November 11, 2011 & Saturday November 12, 2011

Where: Wilmington University, New Castle Campus

320 N. DuPont Highway
New Castle, DE 19720-6491

Building: Audrey K. Doberstein Admissions Center (DAC) Campus Map



Cost: Free (as always!)

RSVP is REQUIRED for entry!

(everyone is welcome, but we need to know how many and have limited space on Friday)

Eventbrite: http://BSidesDE2011.eventbrite.com




Wilmington (5 miles)
Philadelphia (30 miles)
Baltimore (70 miles)
New York (100 miles)
Washington (100 miles)

Nearest Airports: ILG, PHL, BWI


Nearest Hotel:

Quality Inn & Suites - Skyways               Clarion Hotel - The Belle

147 North Dupont Highway                    1612 North Dupont Highway

New Castle, DE 19720                             New Castle, DE 19720
Get Directions                                            Get Directions

(302) 328-6666                                        (302) 428-1000

qualityinn.com                                            clarionbelle.com



Hotels in Downtown Wilmington:

Hotel du Pont                                   Doubletree Hotel Wilmington Downtown

North Market Street                         700 North King Street

Wilmington, DE 19801                    Wilmington, DE 19801
Get Directions                                   Get Directions

(302) 594-3100                              (302) 655-0400

hoteldupont.com                              doubletree.com


Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesDE 11.11.2011 http://bit.ly/BSidesDE"

LinkedIn: http://events.linkedin.com/Security-BSides-Delaware-2011/pub/841577




We are looking for sponsors that are ready to make a HUGE impact on the security world.



Twitter / Email
Facebook/LinkedIn etc



[email protected]



















@HP  @HPsoftware 




LinkedIn/HP Software 







CloudPassage Blog 

Brand awareness 
Your Logo here!    




Thanks to our sponsors there will be both breakfast & lunch again for both Friday and Saturday!

Friday food is in room 308


Talk abstracts here: BSidesDelaware2011Talks


Friday - 11/11/2011

Track 1 - Odeum

3rd Floor room 309


3rd Floor room 312

Lockpick Village/HHV*

3rd Floor room 310

9:00 AM -

10:00 AM


Title: Privacy is Dying, and It's Your Fault

Speaker: Michael Schearer ("theprez98") 


Georgia Weidman

Class Name: Metasploit for Penetration Testing

9am - 1pm




Please note: due to limited capacity, this class

(which is in an avg sized classroom) requires

separate registration on Eventbrite, please be

on the list or the waitlist before attempting entry.


Total number permitted (including waitlist) will be determined onsite based on who shows up on time until the room is full.




10:00 AM- 11:00 AM


(Audience choice #3 won)

1)Title: Scaling Risk Management

2)Title: Cloud Control: Assurance in a Massively Scalable World

3)Title: The Unintended Consequences of Beating Users with Carrot Sticks: Radical Thoughts on Security Reform


Speaker: Ben Tomhave @falconsview

Video: http://bit.ly/NoK7jj 


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 


Panel Title: InfoSec or InfoSuck?

Who's to blame?

Moderator: Joshua Marpet @quadling

Panel Members: You.


12:00 PM -

1:00 PM  



Title: Why it's Easier to Build a Potato Cannon Than Secure a Cloud Infrastructure Speaker: Chris Brenton @Chris_Brenton 


1:00 PM -

2:00 PM


Lunch and Firetalks 




2:00 PM -

3:00 PM


Title: Transparent Smartphone Spying No Apps Required 

Speaker: Georgia Weidman



3:00 PM -

4:00 PM


Title: Alien Autopsy - Android Malware Analysis

Speaker: Jason Ross

Video: http://bit.ly/QF4K8T



4:00 PM -

5:00 PM


Title:  Somewhere Over The Rainbow Tables Speaker: Bob Weiss @pwcrack 

Video: http://bit.ly/PgKddT 











































Saturday - 11/12/2011

Track 1


Track 2 - Odeum

3rd Floor room 309


Lockpick Village/HHV*

3rd Floor room 310/312

9:00 AM -

10:00 AM


Title: The rise and fall and the rise and fall of HNN

Speaker: @Spacerogue



Title: SCADA Security: Why is it so hard?

Speaker: Amol Sarwate @amolsarwate


10:00 AM- 11:00 AM



Title: "Your Company Doesn't Care ...and its your fault" Speaker: Rafal Los (Wh1t3 Rabbit)

Title: 2 HR People, one Cup- network monitoring at the workplace

Speaker: Alex Muentz




11:00 AM - 12:00 PM 


Title: They are inside your network, now what?

Speaker: Joel Esler @JoelEsler


Title: How I learned to stop worrying about SCADA and love the bomb 

Speaker: Anonymous



12:00 PM -

1:00 PM  



Lunch and Firetalks Lunch and Firetalks  

1:00 PM -

2:00 PM


Title: Walking the Green Mile: How to Get Fired After a Security Incident 

Speaker: Brian Baskin

Video: http://bit.ly/WAhAYF


Title: There is no 'I' in Red Team: A Solution for Network Attack Collaboration 

Speaker: Raphael Mudge @armitagehacker


2:00 PM -

3:00 PM


Title: Security Outliers: Infosec Lessons Learned from Drownproofing at BUD/S Lite 

Speaker: Gal Shpantzer @Shpantzer


Title: From Printer to Owned: Leveraging multifunction printers during penetration testing

Speaker: Deral Heiland



3:00 PM -

4:00 PM


Title: Storytelling 101

(How to use storytelling techniques to make your message understood)

Speaker: Jack Daniel



Title: Virtual Trust, Virtual Permission and the Illusion of Security

Speaker: Infojanitor


4:00 PM -

5:00 PM


Title: A Lesson in How to Win Followers and Influence Friends: Hacking Twitter to Boost Your Security Career

Speaker: Grecs @Grecs

Title: How to Own and Protect Your Office Space 

Speaker: Dr. Tran @doctor_tran















































Topics I would like to hear about

- Mentoring

- General system exploitation techniques, vuln-dev and shellcoding

- Web application hacking

- How you hacked angry birds or RFC1149

- Mobile exploitation

- Breach cases and analysis

- Panel discussions on things you actually do at work and are allowed to talk about

- Reverse engineering

- Rootkits

- Malware

- Malware on something other than Windows eg Macs/Smartphones/Linux etc

- Hardware and Software Fuzzing

- Wireless security

- Hardware hacking

- RFID, SmartCard, Auth Tech exploitation

- Car hacking

- Home automation hacking

- Creative Compliance and/or PitFalls

- Software Security and Code Analysis

- Offensive Security (targeted system attacks like Scada, chipsets, od OS.. etc)

- Crypto

- Forensics

- Lockpicking, trashing and urban exploration

- Red Team Testing


- Corporate Intelligence / Industrial Espionage

- New standards development

- Something so Heavy... No one is ready... cept for the BSiders...

- And anything else you can/want to make a case for..... bring your A-Game and an uncensored speech for all to learn/interact with


Also accepting lightning talks for wiki publication when schedule is announced. See CFP requirements below.



2011 Talks Streaming:









  • Janice @BSidesDE - Event Producer
  • To contact for sponsorship, media questions etc: SecurityBSidesDelaware {at} gmail


  • Joshua Marpet @quadling
  • Nick @nick8ch 



To join for help with planning please visit this years's Google group http://groups.google.com/group/securitybsidesdelaware2011

Note: non member posts are now accepted with moderation

everyone in the google group has read only access to the Google Doc Spread Sheet "BSides Delaware 2011" (Link is pinned as the first post in the google group forum)


  • Speaker wrangler
  • Crowd Direction, Perimeter and General Roaming - Joshua Marpet
  • Reg Desk 
  • Shirt sales @rossja 
  • Security - @nick8ch 
  • Clean-up
  • Room monitor Track 1
  • Room monitor Track 2
  •  2011 Badge Design  & T-Shirt Design - DigiP 
  • BSidesDelaware2010art 



At BSides everyone is a participant, but you are free to choose how involved you want to be...listening, learning, fly on the wall, networking, socializing and of course speaking and volunteering. If you are attending/participating and would like to volunteer for a specific position (setup, cleanup, crowd control/direction, general help, etc) please see above about the Google Group.


All attendees/speakers/volunteers/press please register with Eventbrite!

Eventbrite: http://bsidesde2011.eventbrite.com


Once you've registered you can also share with your colleagues:

LinkedIn:  http://events.linkedin.com/Security-BSides-Delaware-2011/pub/841577



Tags for flickr, twitter, blog, etc.

Please use the tag #BSidesDE & BSidesDE2011 for content related to this event


Vendors used to help make BSidesDE a successful event:

http://www.1stpads.com/ <- Badges

http://www.diamondstatepartyrentals.com/ <- Coffee Urn Rental

http://www.personaltouchadvertising.com/ <-Shirts

http://www.ticktockcomputers.com/blog/ <- Graphic Design

http://costco.com/ <- food

The Dog House <- subs



Who's blogging?


Read all the Media attention that BSides is getting!



Name Blog (URL)






In addition to the main stage there will may be sidebar events, contests, and activities?

Feel free to add your event here with descriptive information, links, and other pertinent information.


Here are some local after hours plans:

(as a reminder there is no drinking on campus)


Washington St. Ale House/Mikimotos 12th & Washington St. Wilmington





Iron Hill Brewery 710 South Madison Street, Wilmington



BSides Delaware Shoot?

http://www.targetmaster.com/ (full auto rentals available)

255 Wilmington w Chester Pike
Chadds Ford, PA 19317


Go Karts?





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