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Event details


 -- Thank you for another amazing year! We'd love your feedback on the event
-- The video archives of the talks can be found here: http://www.brighttalk.com/channel/7651
 -- Copies of the BSidesSF Sketchnote magazine are available - get yours here!



When: Mon-Tues, Feb 27-28, 2012

WhereChildren's Creativity Museum

221 Fourth Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103

Cost: Free (as always!)

Invite your friends by posting this on Twitter: "#BSidesSF Feb. 27-28, 2012: Discover the next big thing!" 




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Day 1


Feb 27

Track 1
Track 2 Track 3
9AM - 10AM  Coffee / Registration
Coffee / Registration  
9:40 AM - 10AM Opening remarks    
10AM - 11AM
Name: Amol Sarwate
Talk: SCADA Security: Why is it so hard?
Name: Matt Stern
Talk: Playing to Win – Designing Protection Based on Mob Rules

Name: Georgia Weidman 

Training: Metasploit for penetration testing 

11AM - 12PM

Name: Rand Wacker
Talk: Automating Security for the Cloud: Why we all need to care…
Name: Matt Summers
Talk: No Guts, No Glory - Securing Your Network Military Style
 Training: Metasploit for penetration testing (Cont.)
12PM - 1PM
Lunch / Mingling
Lunch / Mingling  Training: Metasploit for penetration testing (Cont.)

1PM - 2PM

Name: Brett Hardin
Talk: We are Handling Security the Wrong Way
Name: Kizz MyAnthia
Talk: Mapping the Penetration Tester's Mind: 0 to Root in 60 min
Training: Metasploit for penetration testing (Cont.)
2PM - 3PM Name: Gillis Jones
Talk: Hacking the Bank: Figuring out what the cost of hacks may be.
Name: Daniel Blander
Talk: So you want to be the CSO...
Training: Metasploit for penetration testing (Cont.)
3PM - 4PM Name: EFF
Talk: Ask the EFF
Name: Erik Peterson
Talk: Building your own Zombie Horde - Dynamic Web Scanning at Massive Scale
4PM - 5PM Name: Dr. Mike Lloyd
Talk: Metrics That Don’t Suck: A New Way To Measure Security Effectiveness
Name: Hart Rossman
Talk: 40 Hours and a Tool


Day 2

Tuesday -

Feb 28

Track 1
Track 2
9AM - 10AM  Coffee / Registration
Coffee / Registration
10AM - 11AM
Name: Kellman Meghu
Talk: How NOT To Do Security: Lessons Learned From The Galactic Empire
Name: Kevin McNamee
Talk: Cracking the Encrypted C&C Protocol of a New p2p Botnet

11AM - 12PM

Name: Amit Yoran, Kevin Mandia, Ron Gula and Roland Cloutier
Talk: 2012: The End of Security Stupidity
Name: Lee Kushner & Lenny Zeltser
Talk: Across the Desk: Different Perspectives on InfoSec Hiring and Interviewing
12PM - 1PM

Lunch / Mingling

***Join us for LIVE Career Advice Tuesday***

Lunch / Mingling 

***Join us for LIVE Career Advice Tuesday***

1PM - 2PM

Name: Martin McKeay
Talk: Fundamental Flaws in Security Thinking
Name: Yvan Boily
Talk: Identity in the Open Web
2PM - 3PM Name: Dan Hoffman
Talk: Serious Threat or FUD Machine? The Mobile Security Debate
Name: Jared Pfost and Brian Keefer
Talk: Money$ec Evolved
3PM - 4PM Name: Wade Baker and Christopher Porter
Talk: Your IR Team: More than Firemen and Maids
Name: Sergey Shekyan
Talk: Yet Another Type of Application Layer Denial of Service Attack that Should Be Taken Care of
4PM - 5PM Name: Will Tarkington
Talk: I can read your mind...
Name: Dave Shackleford
Talk: Get Secure or Die Tryin'



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