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Security BSides is a decentralized movement of community events. We all share in the responsibility to be good to, and for, the communities we serve. We also share a responsibility to the global BSides community, and the other communities we participate in.


It is exceedingly rare, but if an event fails to live up to the expectations of the community they will be counseled, or in extreme cases they will lose the right to use the BSides name.


The core rules, beyond the ethos of "Be good to, and for, the community" are simple, and summarized below. These, and much more, will be discussed in the introductory call with all prospective new event organizers.


Do not sell out:

This means do not sell or give away participant information. There should be no sales pitches in the talks. There is no "pay for play", that is, sponsorship does not include speaking rights, and speaking positions are not to be sold.

Note: we do want sponsors to be active and engaged participants of BSides events.


Keep it Open:

The call for papers/presentations must be open to the public. We encourage organizing teams to reach out across the community to groups, clubs, and organizations to draw a mix of presenters and presentations.

Note: It is acceptable to invite one or two speakers as keynotes, unkeynotes, or to set a tone or topic for conversation, but the majority of the content should come from the community.


Keep people informed:

Let us know at [email protected] as soon as event dates are set.

We do ask that a simple wiki page be created for each event, but the most important thing is to send a message to info@ so that the calendars and wiki can be kept up to date.

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