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Homepage: www.bsidesscotland.org.uk

Twiiter:  @BSidesScot


Event Details




23 April 2019


Where  Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh
Cost  Free for students and under-18s, £15 for professionals

Ticket Releases:

  • First batch: TBD
  • Second batch: TBD
Call for papers 

Opens:  January 2019

Closes: end February 2019 

Submit here: CFP submissions

Call for workshops

Opens: TBD

Closes: TBD

Rookies & Mentors

Opens: TBD

Closes: TBD

Running order 

TIME SLOT                  TRACK ONE                            TRACK TWO                                    KID'S TRACK

09:00-10:00                 Todd Renner, FBI                            -                                                       -

10:00-11:00                 The Beer Farmers                   Sanja Bonic                                     Turing's Testers )cancelled)

 11:00-12:00                 Thomas Fischer                      Robin Vickery                                  CyberFirst

12:00-13:00                 Lunch                                             -                                                       -

13:00-14:00                 Callum Wilson                        Sean Wright

14:00-14:45                 Dr Zbigniew Kwecka              Stu Hirst and Tash Norris
14:45-15:15                 Coffee                                             -

15:15-16:00                 Magda de Jager                     Ben Turner and Doug McLeod
16:00-17:00                 Chris Sutherland ING                      -
18:00- 22:00                Official After Party and CTF



Competitions & Challenges


Xcina / Hack The Box CTF


Logo competition



Talk Vote




Call for Volunteers


Give us your details 



The Team


Name Twitter Handle  Pre Event Role  Event Role 
Rory Alsop      


If we've forgotten anyone please shout! 


Our Sponsors

(within each category listed in order of signup)


:: Leading (Platinum) ::



JPMorgan Chase & Co 




:: Contributing (Gold) ::





Pen Test Partners






:: Connecting the Underground (Silver) ::





:: Grassroots (Bronze) ::






:: Community ::


Car Hacking Village   

Cyber League

Cyber Scotland Connect



Cyber Scotland Week 2019


Hack The Box

The Institute of Information Security Professionals


Information Security Forum

The Open University

White Hat Rally












:: Media Partners ::


Cooper on AV   



If you're interested in sponsoring us then please email info at bsidesscotland.org.uk



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