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The SecurityBSides Wiki is used to collaboratively plan each event. Typically each location has its own wiki homepage and a number of subpages.


Using the Wiki




  • Each location should have a homepage. The page name should be in the form BSidesLocation.
  • For multiple events happening at the same location, events should be numbered with Roman Numerals. The first event in the series would be BSidesLocationI, the second BSidesLocationII, the eighth BSidesLocationVIII and so on.
  • Don't use spaces in page names. Note the lack of spaces in the above page names. E.g. BSides, BSidesLasVegas, BSidesLasVegasTalks etc.
  • If you have multiple pages for your event, start them all with the base page name. For example, if there's a page for sponsors for BSidesLasVegas, it might be called BSidesLasVegasSponsors instead of "Las Vegas Sponsors" or, even worse just "Sponsors". A name like "Sponsors" should be used only for a page that applies to _all_ BSides events (i.e. Sponsoring).


Typical content areas


Most camps are inspired by one that came before, copying the template of previous camps. Here are common content areas:


  • Description with link to Upcoming.org event
  • Who, What, When, Where (w/ directions & map), Why
  • Hosts
  • Planners
  • Campers
  • Task list
  • Needs list
  • Carpooling / housing needs
  • Who's talking about us?
  • Proposed Sessions / Topics
  • Sponsors
  • Notes


Gardening the wiki


Check out RefactorMe for ideas on how you can pitch in!

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