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Las Vegas is the destination of many conferences  every year.  We have chosen July 29-30th to converge on the city and provide alternative options to the list of people who visit for the after parties or never planned on attending the original conference.  If you're bored in Las Vegas, don't just sit by the pool, get involved and particpate is BSidesLasVegas.


Bonus: Neighborcon will co-host this event with Jeff E. and Travis Goodspeed as hosts of the Hardware Hacking Village on Wednesday, and Track 2 on Thursday.


PICTURES:  As requested, a slew of pictures taken of the venues and guest is available here: http://www.acr0nym.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=1237





When / Where / Hosts


We have a confirmed location for both dates (July 29-30th, 2009).  The location is secret and undisclosed until we get closer to the event date.  The schedule will be daily from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM with an intermission at noon for lunch & BBQ.




Here, now the that the event is close enough, is the address for the location of Security BSides Las Vegas!


5975 W. Quail Ave.

Las Vegas, NV


It'll be the home to the right inside the courtyard.


Important note....  Address numbering is completely bizarre in this area.  Look around some, it is there, behind a gate.


Bus schedule:

To the house, Starting at the Riviera at the Convention Center Entrance (Near where Defcon Registration takes place). Waiting 10-20 minutes, moving to Ceasars at the entrance behind the fountain, waiting for 10 minutes and heading on:


9:15a, 12:15p, 2:15p


From the house to XYZ:

10:00a, 12:45p, 3:15p, 6:15p



9:15a, 12:15p, 2:45p, 7:00p, 9:05p


*NOTE: Busses to the house may be suspended if we reach excess capacity. Bus service will resume at night for Neighborcon.


From the house to XYZ:

10:00a, 12:45p, 3:15p, 6:15p, 8:45, 12a (or later as necessary)


Food to be served, but BYOB.


This event is FREE, but donations at the door (or via Sponsoring) are greatly welcomed to cover costs.




All listed talks in Track 1 have been chosen from BSidesLasVegas01Talks. Speaking slots are full!


If you wish to participate please volunteer for a goon slot at BSidesLasVegas01Goons. You can only add your name to this page if one of the organizers can vouch for you.  Those who do volunteer their time will have their choice of special free gifts.


  • Wednesday, 29 July :: Speaker sessions 10am - 4pm
  • Wednesday (night) :: SecurityBSides/Neighborcon party with special guest Miss DJ Jackalope and others.
  • Thursday, 30 July :: Speaker sessions 10am - 5pm


Wednesday, July 29th Presenter Presentation
10:00 - 11:00 Jonathan Cran (@jcran)
Organizing Ninjas: A How To for Better Team Pentesting
11:00 - 12:00 Luis Corrons An Inside Look at the Ever Evolving Rogue Antivirus Economy
12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH & LightningTalks
13:00 - 14:00 Marisa Fagan, Elizabeth Wharton The EX Factor: Exploring Proximity-based Identity Theft
14:00 - 15:00 JJ (Jennifer Jabbusch) Catching the Unicorn: A Technical Exploration of Why NAC is Failing
15:00 - 16:00 Damon Cortesi Social Networking, Raping the Twitter API, the Age Before Firewalls/Unicorns and the Pitfalls of Rapid Application Development
16:00 - 17:00 Alex Hutton & David Mortman (aka "bread & risk guys") Can Risk Management be Science?  Challenging the Epistemological Anarchist to Escape our Dark Age


// Lightning Talks // Day 1 //

  • Greg Martin - Exploiting Botnets for Profit and Fun
  • Person 2
  • Person 3


Thursday, July 30th

Track 1

Presenter Presentation
10:00 - 11:00 David Rook The Principles of Secure Development
11:00 - 12:00 Mike Kershaw (drag0rn) Author of Kismet will talk about msf/lorcon/wifi pwnage & blind/semi-blind http ownage
12:00 - 13:00 LUNCH & LightningTalks
13:00 - 14:00 Erin Jacobs, Stacy Thayer, Jennifer Jabbusch, Leigh HoneywellLeigh Hollowellnicolle neulist, Magen Hughes Feathers will fly Panel! - Professional Image and Gender Issues for Women in Security
14:00 - 15:00 Ryan Linn Cain BeEF Hash: Snagging Passwords without Popping Boxes
15:00 - 16:00 HD Moore Author of Metasploit will talk about WarVOX
16:00 - 17:00 Val Smith Founder of Attack Research. Val will be talking about global information security threats.


// Lightning Talks // Day 2 //

  • @Viss - Peoplehacking
  • @Jack_Daniel "Security Anecdote Theater"

Thursday, July 30th

Track 2

Presenter Presentation
12:00-13:00 LUNCH & Lightning talks  
13:00-13:55 Frank Squared (aka Frank^2)  
14:00-14:55 Chris Nickerson  
15:00-15:55 Chris Gates  
16:00-16:55 TBA  






Corporate Sponsors


Exotic Liability Podcast



Individual Sponsors

  • Allison Miller
  • Trusted Signal (Dave Hull)
  • Matt Yoder (ACR0NYM)
  • Adam Dodge
  • Sheldon Malm
  • Daniel Peck



Planners and Volunteers 


  • Chris Nickerson - Host Master
  • Jeff Espinoza - Neighborcon Citizen Participant
  • Jack Daniel - BSides Citizen Participant
  • Michael Dahn - BSides Citizen Participant
  • Matt Yoder (@acr0nym) - BSides Citizen Participant
  • Travis Goodspeed - Neighborcon Citizen Participant
  • Marc D'Amato (@mock7) - BSides Citizen Participant





This is an invite only event.  To get yourself on the invite list, edit this page and add yourself to the list of Campers/Citizens/Attendees.  Anyone showing up who is not on the list will be turned away! 


There will be a limit of 50 people permitted in the venue at a time, so come early and stay late. 


Due to increased demand, please be aware that only the first 130 registrants to arrive will receive the cool Neighborcon badges!  All remaining attendees will receive a BSidesLV silicon wrist band.

For more information on the badge and its uses, please see http://goodfet.sourceforge.net/


Please add yourself alphabeticaly by last name, so I don't have to keep sorting the list. ;)

You can right click on the table, and select add a row in line with where your name will go. Please also include your twitter or email address, as well as annotating if you will be attending Yes, No, or Maybe, Wedsday, Thursday or both


Name Twitter/Email Wed Thurs
Trent Altman   M M
Evan Alvarado @gantzgraf M M
B Clark   M M
Colin Ames @cactiix N Y

Iftach Ian Amit

@iiamit Y M
Evan Anderson      
James Arlen @myrcurial M Y
Nick Arnott @tehnoir    
Austin Appel @scorche Y M
Rey Ayers @ar3a69   Y
Richard E. Baker      
Charles Ballowe   M M
Andrea Barisani   M M
Andrew Becherer @andrewbecherer    
Daniele Bianco   M M
Sam Bowne @sambowne Y Y
Don Bailey      
Chris Blow @b10w
Joe Bonnell @jobobreck Y Y
Andrew Brandt   M Y

Mat Branyon

Patrick Brauch [email protected] Y M
Michael Carson @m_cars M M
Anton Chuvakin @anton_chuvakin    
Chance Chandler @deadly_muffin
Steve Clement @SteveClement M M
Chase C.      


[email protected] 

Ken Chen       
Chris Christianson @cchristianson M M
Sean-Paul Correll  @lithium     
Luis Corrons  @luis_corrons   
Damon Cortesi  @dacort  Y Y
C-P   @cps_rants 
Jonathan Cran  @jcran  Y M
Mike Dahn  @sfoak N N
Marc D'Amato  @mock7 / [email protected]    
Jack Daniel   @jack_daniel 
Michael A. Davis @mdavis7771 M M
Paul Davis   @hypedupcat  M
Joe Dobson @the N Y

Adam Dodge 

@adamdodge  Y M
A. Dokey  @DaftDoki 
Don Donzal @ethicalhacker M M
dotzero [email protected] N Y
Moonraker069 @bobbydominguez Y M
Amber Dubya  @chipmonkey     
Adam Ely       

Cesar Esteban

@cesteban N Y
Jeff E.  @Facutvivas 

Marisa Fagan  @dewzi     
Nick Farr  @nickfarr 
Nicholas Frangia @nicholasfrangia Y M
frank^2  @franksquared  M Y
Fyodor @nmap N M
Garrett Gee  @infosecevents N M
MC   N Y(PM)
Travis Goodspeed  @neighborcon    
Ian Gorrie  @gorrie  N M
Josh Gourneau @gourneau N Y
CJ Grimes  @cj2 
Tate Hansen  @tatehansen 
Brett Hardin @miscsecurity M M
John Harrison    N M
S. Harsch   
Kyle Haugsness       
Erika Hayley @erikahayley Y Y
Scott Hazel @phat32 Y (afternoon) Y
Wil Henriquez  @thinksec N Y
Dan Hirsch   @thequux 
Jeff Holden  @jeffh  N M
Leigh Hollowell  @leighhollowell  N
Leigh Honeywell  @hypatiadotca   
Kyle Howson      Y
Daniel Hückmann  @sanitybit / [email protected] Y Y
Magen Hughes @tottenkoph    
Dave Hull  @davehull     
Sean Hunt       
Alex Hutton  @alexhutton   
The Intern  @securityintern N Y
Curtis Interruptus @curtisinterrupt M M
1rr1t@nt   N Y
JJ (Jennifer Jabbusch) @jjx 
kJh (Kelly Jackson Higgins  @kjhiggins     
Erin J (SecBarbie)  @secbarbie 
J Jerél @0jerel0 PM Y
Matt Johansen  @mattjay   


Jason Johnson @ebeye M M
A. Jolly  @jolly     
Todd Jarvis       
Quinton Jones  @415  M Y
Kaishi   M Y
Chip Kelly   N M (PM)

Logan Kennelly 



Todd Kimball @tkimball Y


Tyler Knotek @tekKnoXpresso Y M
Ben Kurtz  @benkurtz   


Я. Adrián Lamo   @6     
Zach Lanier  @quine  M M
Glen Lenker       
Kees Leune  @leune  M
Anthony Lineberry  @anthonymckay   
Ryan Linn @sussurro M Y
David Lister       
Andrew Lockhart  


Gabriel Lopez   N Y
Charlotte Lye @missy_nurselove Y M
Chris Lytle  @MrToph N Y

Karen Maeda

aka Awesome Jackalope 

Kevin Mahaffey  @dropalltables 
Sheldon Malm  @smalm  Y (AM) Y (PM)
Eric Mann   M M
Greg Martin  @gregcmartin  Y Y
David Maynor   @donicer     
Raffael Marty  @zrlram     
David McCartney @tribalsoul N Y
Terry McCorkle  [email protected] Y Y
Josh McCorkle  [email protected] Y Y
Rory McCune  @raesene  Y M
Martin McKeay  @mckeay     
Ryan Mechelke   @the_ryebread  M M
Allison Miller       
Post Modern Modulus @postmodern_mod3 N Y
David Mortman  @mortman   
Scott Moulton       
Rick Moy  @rickmoy 
Mike Murray  @mmurray     
Ryan Naraine  @ryannaraine     
Ben Nell  @bNull     
nicolle neulist  @rogueclown  Y Y
Teague Newman @teaguenewman Y M
Aaron Nichols @anichols - [email protected] N M (PM)
Christine Nichols [email protected] N M (PM)
Chris Nickerson  @indi303 
Steve Nolan [email protected] Y M (PM)
Dan O'Neill   @techdulla     
Michael Ossmann  [email protected] M Y
Nick Owen  @wikidsystems  N Y
Clay Parikh     M
Stephen Percibali     Y

Vikram Phatak 

Eliot Phillips  @sweetums 
Tyler Pitchford (TRiP)   M Y
Daniel Peck  @ramblinpeck  Y Y
Steve Queen       
Aviv Raff       
Jenyce Rallo       
Stephen Reese @rsreese M M
Trevor Richardson   M M
Chris John Riley @chrisjohnriley    
Chris Rioux       
Nathan Rittenhouse       
Fabian D. Rodriguez  @Neophytes Y Y
David Rook  @securityninja N Y
Mike Rothman  @securityincite     
Tony Rucci  @InsiderThreats     
M Ryder   M M
John Sawyer  @johnhsawyer     
Peter Schawacker  @schawacker Y Y
C. Schalk   
J. Scheeres       
Seeblind   M Y
Jackie Singh       
Tyler Shields       
Alan Shimel @ashimmy y y
Dominic Spill  @dominicgs M M
Chris Soghoian   @csoghoian     
Jamie Stapleton       
Andrew Strutt  @r0d3nt  Y Y
Tacitus  @tacitus     
Dave Tamasi   
Emerson Tan   
Dan Tentler  @viss  
J Testman   Y (AM) M
Stacy Thayer  @stacythayer  M
Ben Tomhave  @falconsview  Y (PM) Y (AM thru panel)
Matthew Toth   M M
Tamara Tarver       
John Tombin       
Harry Tuttle  @6e6f36     
Rob Vincent (Rob T Firefly)    Y Y
Vyrus001  @vyrus001 
Allison Wagda       
Kathleen Whalen  @steeler_gal     
Elizabeth Wharton  @lawyerliz     
Mike Williams [email protected] N M
Brian Wilson  @brianwilson  N M (PM)
Curt Wilson  @curtw     
Tim Wilson       
Mike Wozniak   M M
Laura Yanez       
JP Bourget  @punkrokk  M (PM) 
Matt Yoder  @acr0nym     
Zero Zumbrun  @otherdata     
Will Vandevanter   M


CH Wurlsin   M M
Charles Vaughn [email protected] Y Y



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