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BSides Hannover 2017



Hello and Welcome to BSidesHN 2017!
Date: March 19th 2017 
We will yet again conference - yes!


Stay tuned on twitter  https://twitter.com/BSides_HN_2017 and check out bsideshannover.de for updates as well.


CFP is open - please send in your talks -

we love everything from security research to Infosec information sharing

as well as cool projects as long as other participants can

learn from what you feel you like to come and share,

we hope to again be able to stream and record all talks to be 

stored on the internet archive.


Every speaker can chose to have the talk streamed and shared online - we keep on respecting your privacy.


At the same time, if you have a lightning talk  you like to give, we plan to have one room for both a  crypto party and lockpicking as well as a 

breachbounty in it.


The breachbounty works like this:  We will vote for a security device or a communication tool which will be setup in a 

real use environment and include bitcoin.


If you manage to get to the bitcoin, they are yours to keep.


If you share how you got to them,

there are extra bitcoin for the POC.


Vendors are allowed to use this for external QA and are allowed to ask you to approve them to capture pcap

- yet the rules will be shared beforehand and 100% transparent for you to decide if you want to give this a shot or not. 



We keep on encouraging people that have never spoken in front of an audience to make use of the friendly and open environment we provide,

where everyone helps everyone else to learn more about IT Security and no one is judged or harassed based on their sexual identity, religious beliefs or preferred gummi bear colour or taste.


We look forward to seeing you in Hannover! 



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