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What is BSidesHH


_**BSidesH**ansestadt**H**amburg_ is a Security-BSides event being held in Hamburg on the 28th December 2015. This year will mark the second year this conference has been organised. CCC's annual four-day congress event taking place in Hamburg around the same time it seems a great opportunity to host a Security-BSides event. BSidesHH2015 will start at 09:30 (opening ceremony) and should be finished by around 18:30(ish). Giving people the chance to grab the night-time talks at congress. Of course, i also imagine some people will want to hang-out and grab after conference-drinks which seems like something we can work out closer to the time.


Opening and Closing talks


Along with announcing our [*'Call for Papers'*](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/CallForPapers/) being open, we are also announcing our opening and closing talks for the event too. Meredith Patterson will start off our BSidesHH2015 event with her talk [*'Ambiguity Is Insecurity'*.](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/BSidesHH2015OpeningTalk/) Aaron Zauner with Wilfried Mayer will close our BSidesHH2015 event with their talk [*'Yep! We poked all your mail daemons. State of Transport Security in the E-Mail Ecosystem at Large'*](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/BSidesHH2015ClosingTalk/)


How to book tickets

You can book tickets to the conference, via our Eventbrite [*page*](https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bsides-hamburg-28th-dec-2015-tickets-19575710477).


How to submit a talk

Although we've already announced some talks, our [*'Call for Papers'*](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/CallForPapers/) is open. Now we're not really looking for papers, we're looking for talks. Talks that hackers, geeks, and nerds might find interesting. You'd be surprised how much we all love a talk that's just a little bit different. So don't be shy and submit your idea, if you're unsure drop us an email or better yet grab [*@f1nux*](https://twitter.com/f1nux) on twitter for a chat.


Getting in contact

You'll find us on twitter mostly, https://twitter.com/BSidesHH but you could email is at bsideshh gmail com.


How you can help

Currently we have no plans to photograph or record the event, this may change if we have someone wanting to help us with these jobs. We have a [*Call for Volunteers*](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/CallForVolunteers/) form, if you let us know we'll get back to you. You don't have to be a photographer or videographer to help out though, if you think you may have a few hours to help out on the day then also drop us a line. It would be much appreciated.


If your business wants to sponsor

As with any community-led event we wouldn't get very far without the help of sponsors. BSidesHH2015 is looking for companies that wish to [*join us*](http://2015.bsideshh.org/content/post/CallForSponsors/) in delivering 2015 last Security-BSides event of the year.

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